Innovate This! Teen Invention Convention Presented by Camp BizSmart at ASB

 Ideate. Invent. Build.

Innovate This! Teen Invention Convention Presented by Camp BizSmart

at the American School of Bombay

Take an Idea to Prototype and see if you are good enough for Crowdfunding
Instructor: Micah Klaeser

Grade Level: Ages 12 – 18

Class Size: 36

Start and End Time: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Dates: two one week workshops on June 16 – 20, and again on June 23 – 27.

Location: American School of Bombay, Mumbai, India

Registration: Sign up on American School of Bombay’s Summer Programs

Invent the next great thing! Solve significant global problems. Learn about “Crowdfunding” on  Design a robotic aerial vehicle (Unmanned Aerial System UAS) to solve the problem of affordable delivery of medicine and supplies to remote locations. Student teams will learn and apply design and entrepreneurial skills to develop a UAS prototype which will be displayed and voted upon by American School of Bombay students. The teams will create a 30 second video describing the features, advantage and benefits (FAB’s) of their design. The design team with the most votes (Camp BizSmart Currency) will work with Crowdfunding site Piggybackr to qualify for a fundraising campaign. If the idea meets the requirements, Camp BizSmart will make an initial investment of $100.00, and will match donations for the next $150.00.  Engineer and UAS entrepreneur, Micah Klaeser from Silicon Valley California will lead the workshop using a unique learning model, developed by business leaders at General Electric, called “Learn-Do-Check-Act”.

Camp BizSmart Instructor Micah Klaeser is a Mechanical Engineering student at Santa Clara University. He has developed a passion is for technological and social entrepreneurship and is actively working towards founding a social enterprise that would use small unmanned aerial vehicles to transport and deliver medical supplies over the “last mile” in the developing world. He was a facilitator for Camp BizSmart in 2013 applying his expertise, experience and intuition in design, creative problem solving and analytical thinking to foster young entrepreneurs.

Develop Creativity and Grit to Succeed & Thrive in a Competitive World Market


Aspire to Greatness, Product Design and Biz Plan Competition at American School of Bombay January 8-14, 2014 – Sign up Now

American School of Bombay, Mumbai, India

American School of Bombay High School Commons AreaIntercession at American School of Bombay, Mumbai, IndiaAmerican School of Bombay, Mumbai, India

Students just like the ones above, will converge on January 8-14, 2014 ( weekdays) at the American School of Bombay to compete in teams to invent an actual product for a leading company in Silicon Valley. Executives from BizSmart Global, an international business and entrepreneurship company based in Silicon Valley will be leading this hands-on skill development.  The special entrepreneur program is called,  Aspire to Greatness: Real World Product Design & Business Plan Competition.  Each student will negotiate for a job on a team and then collaborate to innovate a new product concept, along with marketing plan and distribution plan, which they will present to business leaders and entrepreneurs.  Students will learn and practice business and entrepreneurial skills including teamwork, leadership, collaboration, problem solving , design thinking, negotiation and public speaking.  Experienced instructors from Silicon Valley, California will facilitate the learning process that was developed by Dr. Michael Gibbs and based on a unique learning model developed by General Electric.

BizSmart Global has presented programs in India since 2009  inspiring young entrepreneurs  to develop essential skills in Hyderabad, India at the Indian School of Business, Mumbai and Delhi.  This will be the first time that BizSmart Global has presented their special program at the American School of Bombay, which is known for providing their students with the latest skill development that will help them to succeed in this global economy today.  BizSmart Global is pleased to partner with American School of Bombay (ASB) to bring this new program to their students. ASB has opened this program up to students in other schools who are in grades 7-12.

Space for this program is limited to only 36 seats.  Registration is currently open. Apply now so you don’t miss this opportunity!   For more information please contact, Dr. Mike Gibbs, CEO and Founder of BizSmart Global at 408.395.1937 or or Peggy Gibbs, COO, Cofounder BizSmart Global,  To apply for this program, please go directly to the American School of Bombay website for intercession 2014:

Intercession at American School of Bombay, Mumbai, India

BizSmart Global Aspire to Greatness Entrepreneur Workshop Opens in Delhi Nov. 20-24, 2012.

d.light woman in India photo maker article 2012resized2compressed

In today’s world, innovation and creative problem solving are important, but total commitment is essential. As Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks has said, “Everyone starts strong. Success comes to those with unwavering commitment to be at the end.” 

During BizSmart Global’s Aspire to Greatness Entrepreneurship Workshop, this week November 20-24, 2012 in New Delhi, India, at the Ryan International School, – students will work in a team to create a solution to the business case provided by d.light design, an award winning energy company. d.light is a for-profit social enterprise whose purpose is to create new freedoms for customers without access to reliable power so they can enjoy a brighter future.  They design, manufacture and distribute solar light and power products throughout the developing world.  We mentor our students in the importance of setting goals and objectives. D.light has set their goal as the following:  They aim to transform the loves of at least 100 million people by 2020. The business case used for the Aspire to Greatness Workshop can be found in one of our earlier blog posts.

Ned Tozun, co-founder has some advice for our young aspiring entrepreneurs: Don’t give up!”  He will be the first to tell you that d.light has had many challenges, but the company team has met each with passion, determination and the positive can-do spirit that continues to create the way forward to achieve their goals.

What will separate one BizSmart Global student team from another during the Aspire to Greatness Entrepreneur Workshop will be the ability to leverage the strengths and talents of each team member and to consistently create synergy as they work on their solution. Following the closing of the workshop competitions we will post the student team solutions.

An update on the Mumbai Aspire to Greatness Workshop:  Last week BizSmart Global presented the Aspire to Greatness Workshop in Mumbai, India at the Cathedral and John Connon School.  Due to the death of Bal Thackeray, everything in the city shut down on November 18, 2012 the originally scheduled day for the Mumbai workshop business plan competition.  The BizSmart Global staff will return to Mumbai following the completion of the New Delhi Workshop to hold the Mumbai competition which is scheduled for November 25, 2012.   Unforeseen challenges will inevitably come,  it is our objective to mentor the students through this challenge providing a life lesson in overcoming obstacles to reach your objective and illustrating how champions separate themselves from competitors. We expect the students will rise to the challenge of this rescheduled final day to complete their session.

Mumbai, India Aspire to Greatness Competition Day Nov 18 – Rescheduled to Nov 25


Dear Aspire to Greatness Parents and Students in Mumbai, India:

The final day of the Aspire to Greatness Entrepreneur Workshop has been rescheduled to Nov. 25, due to the passing of Bal Thackeray – the leader of the Shiv Sena party. Although his family and party have requested calm, there are also suggestions made from some corners to “remain at home and not to travel”.

It is very important to us that students and their families are safe.  Therefore, to ensure the safety of our students and parents and staff, the final day of the workshop has been rescheduled.

As entrepreneurs and Founders of BizSmart Global, we understand that sometimes the flow of business and our normal lives is overcome by events beyond our control.  We want you to know that your students and their preparation for success with real world skills, knowledge and abilities will continue.  Please be assured that the Aspire to Greatness Workshop will be concluded as promised with the final business plan competition, awards and graduation – just one week later.

Our Silicon Valley, US staff and our Mumbai, India staff, led by Geeta Ajmera, our India Manager, have worked to quickly finalize the necessary arrangements which are as follows:

  • BizSmart Global’s Aspire to Greatness Entrepreneur Workshop Business Plan Competition has been rescheduled to Nov. 25, 2012 at Cathedral School.  The day’s events for the students’ will occur as your program schedule states except one week later.  BizSmart Global Staff will mentor and coach students in preparation for the competition 8:30am-12:00; followed by lunch 12:00-1:15; Competition will be 1:15-5:00pm at Cathedral School and is for students only.  Business dress.
  • The Awards and Graduation – 5-7pm students with parents and invited guests joining at this time. Celebration Tea with all at 7:00- 7:45pm – also at Cathedral.

We know some of you will have questions, please continue to watch our website: where we will post more information.  We urge you to contact us directly with any questions or concerns. Call us at our office: 408.395.1937

While this may seem like a very challenging time, it offers a real time example to the students of how entrepreneurs must be ready to take on challenges and overcome obstacles to achieve their goals and ultimately achieve a winning solution.

We know you join us in preparing your sons and daughters to take on big challenges that come their way and in so doing, they will change the world.

Thank you for helping us inspire young entrepreneurs.

Dr. Mike Gibbs, CEO and Peggy Gibbs, COO

Founders, BizSmart Global



d.light design sponsors business case for students attending Aspire to Greatness

d.light solar lamp is held by Indian boy

Students’ 12-18 years of age who attend BizSmart Global’s Aspire to Greatness Workshops in Mumbai on Nov. 14-18, 20912 and New Delhi on Nov. 20-24, 2012, will work in teams to come up with the best solution to the business case provided by Ned Tozun, President and Co-founder of d.light design. d.light design is a US based company with their India office in New Delhi. Sam Goldman and Ned Tozun, co-founders, met as two Stanford University students who shared a vision to develop safe, efficient, affordable, and durable lanterns for the more than 1.6 billion people in the world without access to electricity. The result was a flexible-use solar lantern that can run many hours on a day’s solar charge and the company called d.light design.

During the 5 day workshop, students will work in teams, to solve the business case that is described below. They will compete to create a new version of a d.light solar lamp to meet the product requirements and objectives provided.

Before coming to the first day of BizSmart Global’s “Aspire to Greatness” – students should do the following 3 things:

1. Review this business case information:

  • The new product must be solar powered and provide bright, overhead lighting for a three square meter (thirty square feet)  area for six hours. It must be at full recharge in eight hours or less. It must withstand rugged conditions including exposure to moisture and dust. It must be made available to small business people outside of major towns or cities. The cost of the product must include the distribution cost. The product life must exceed five years of life.  A strategy to distribute the product to the areas your customers live and work must be included. Note: Student teams will present their solution to a panel of judges.

2. Visit to learn about the dlight design company, (be sure to watch the videos, read testimonials and know current product capabilities). How will what you learn inform your product solution?

3. To help students discover their own learning styles, they are asked to visit the following link and complete the questionnaire: Print out your results and bring this page with you to the Aspire to Greatness Workshop on the first day.

Excitement is building – join us to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week by participating in BizSmart Global’s Aspire to Greatness, Nov. 14-18, 2012 in Mumbai, India at Cathedral and John Connon School, or Nov.20-24, 2012 in New Delhi, India at Ryan International School.  Students will be inspired and gain essential entrepreneurial training.  Visit BizSmart Global India now to apply.


BizSmart Global’s Aspire to Greatness – at Ryan International School in New Delhi, India on Nov. 20-24, 2012

In addition to running Aspire to Greatness in Mumbai on November 14-18, 2012, BizSmart Global is very pleased to announce working with Ryan International Schools to bring this program to New DelhiAspire to Greatness will be available to all students of any Ryan School on November 20-24, 2012. 

Aspire to Greatness, will take place at the Ryan International School in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.  The program will run from 8:30am – 4:30pm during the school day. Ryan school administrators are working with parents and students to make this special entrepreneurship training available to their students from all over the region to enhance their educational experience. Geeta Ajmera, our Director of Student Admissions and Program Logistics has the great opportunity to meet hundreds of Ryan students on campus at several of the Ryan schools.  We look forward to having Ryan students join us on November 20-14, 2012 for this special skill building opportunity. Students who attend will be inspired by successful entrepreneurs and will receive hands-on training in skills such as creative brainstorming,  and will use collaborative and leadership skills while they apply problem solving and critical thinking, and design innovation to create a solution to a real world business problem provided by d.light design founder, Ned Tozun. See previous blogs for more information on Global Entrepreneurship Week and on the Aspire to Greatness 5 day program with video to illustrate what students learn.

Information is available on-line for this new location. To apply on-line for either the Mumbai program or the New Delhi program go to:  Sign-up today to join us!

Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week with BizSmart Global – Aspire to Greatness, Nov. 14-18, in Mumbai, & Nov 20-24,2012, in New Delhi, India

BizSmart Global is pleased to bring “Aspire to Greatness” to students who are 12-18 years of age to provide them with hands-on business and entrepreneurial skill development. Operating November 14-19, 2012 at Cathedral School, the top private school of Mumbai, India,and also Nov. 20-24, 2012 for Ryan International Schools at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, students will be inspired by successful entrepreneurs while they work to solve a real business problem given to them by d.light design founder, Ned Tozun. Go to one of our previous blogs to read more about this business problem provided by d.light design. To learn more about how to attend Aspire to Greatness and to apply now, go to

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BizSmart Global’s Aspire to Greatness – Inspiring & Training Young Entrepreneurs – Nov. 14-18, 2012 in Mumbai, India, and Nov. 20-24 in New Delhi, India

Aspire to Greatness – Inspiring and Training Young Entrepreneurs, will take place in Mumbai, India on November 14-18, 2012 and also on November 20-24, 2012 in New Delhi, India. The program which runs for 5 days will operate in Mumbai at the premier location of the Cathedral School and in New Delhi with the well regarded Ryan International School, Vasant Kunj.  Students who are 12-18years of age from any school or location may apply on-line to attend at these locations. See:       Spaces are limited so sign up today using the on-line form.

Team Brainstorming

This special program coincidences with Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) which is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators, and job creators who launch start-ups that bring ideas to life and drive economic growth. “During one week each November, GEW inspires people everywhere through local, national and global activities designed to help them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators.” (source

Students today want to know what skills , behaviors and training they will need to solve the challenges facing the world today and how they might create the businesses of the future. Aspire to Greatness, provides hands-on training while solving a real world business problem provided by founder Ned Tozun,  of d.light design, an award winning company working worldwide to replace dangerous kerosene lanterns with bring safe, affordable solar light. Students will work in “management teams” to solve the business problem  and design an innovative product, support it with their business plan  to back-up their solution and then defend their solution to a panel of executives and investors in a competition.

d.light designs product shown by Indian girl

During the 5 days of this program, students will also be inspired by industry experts who are successful entrepreneurs from companies such as Microsoft who will also provide insight into current business trends.

So, what makes a great entrepreneur?  After asking  hundreds  of successful entrepreneurs who have worked with us to inspire our students to answer this question, we thought we would share just few of their tips for success:

  • Bill Reichert, Managing Partner Garage Technology Ventures, ” only an entrepreneurial approach – flexible, scrappy collaborative, and unafraid of risk and failure will succeed in this new world. “
  •  Dan’l Lewin,Sr. VP, Microsoft: “ Focus – be ‘present’ at all times and look people in the eye.”  ( a good handshake helps too assuming the culture endorses shaking hands).
  • Howard Charney Sr VP, Cisco: “ Don’t confuse forcing a decision with actual leadership. Sometimes a leader’s role is to help the team navigate through ambiguity.”
  • Edward De La Paz, Director, President Hertz Brazil: ” All problems have solutions ( usually more than one), the trick is finding it.”
  • Randy Williams, Founder CEO Keiretsu Forum:” Focus on your purpose and passion. Be true to yourself”
  • Guy Kawaski, Garage Technology Ventures,” Focus on making meaning and changing the world – not on making money.  The money will come if you change the world

“Entrepreneurship has never been more important than it is today in this time of financial crisis. At the same time, society faces massive global challenges that extend well beyond the economy. Innovation and entrepreneurship provide a way forward for solving the global challenges of the 21st century, building sustainable development, creating jobs, generating renewed economic growth and advancing human welfare”. ( source, Kauffman Foundation)

” Now more than ever we need innovation, new solutions, creative approaches and new ways of operating. We are in uncharted territory and need people in all sectors and at all ages who can “think out of the box” to identify and pursue opportunities in new and paradigm-changing ways.” ( source,  Kauffmann Foundation)

BizSmart Global is dedicated to inspiring and training young entrepreneurs worldwide, helping them to gain the skills, behaviors and understanding that will allow them to be the problem solvers, critical thinkers,  innovators and entrepreneurial leaders of the future.  We are pleased to offer Aspire to Greatness during the Global Entrepreneurship Week in November.

For more information and applications forms for “Aspire to Greatness” program in Mumbai, India on November 14-18, and in New Delhi on November 20-24,2012 please visit:

Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs at Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii

Camp BizSmart is a two-week summer academy that engages students 11-15 years of age, at premiere locations such as Punahou School and  Stanford University, in a hands-on opportunity to learn entrepreneurial and leadership skills. During the session, students work with and are inspired by  established company founders to develop business plans for real products. Punahou School is a premiere private school that has supported and embraced the Camp BizSmart and BizSmart Global business programs. The multi-media program at Punahou followed Camp BizSmart during the 2012 session and created this video as a student project that focuses on special events and programs that occur on campus.

BizSmart Global provides programs to students worldwide, and in countries such as in India since 2010.  BizSmart Global  returned to  Hyderabad for the second time  June 4-8, 2012 and will run Aspire to Greatness, a special program for students 12-18 years of age, in Mumbai, India  Nov. 14-18, 2012 at both the Cathedral School and American School of Bombay.  Please read our other blogs to learn more.

Anyone interested in attending this November program should click on the Application tab at the top of this page and fill out the application form found on this site.

For more information on Camp BizSmart US programs, please visit:

BizSmart Global Camp in Mumbai Nov 14-18, 2012 – “Aspire to Greatness” – Program Location: Cathedral School, Mumbai

In May of 2012 Geeta Ajmera, Director of Logistics and Student Admissions, and Radhika BhattProject Manager Mumbai,and Bryan Cockel, Camp Director of BizSmart Global, the premiere education institution teaching 22nd century business and entrepreneurial skills to students age twelve to eighteen, had the honor of visiting many school campuses in Mumbai to learn about each unique school program.

Geeta Ajmera, BizSmart Global Director Logistics and Student Admissions

Radhika Bhatt, BizSmart Global Mumbai Project Manager

Bryan Cockel, BizSmart Global Camp Director, with students from a past session in India

In each conversation we discussed the importance of preparing youth with essential skills to meet the challenges of today’s highly competitive global marketplace and our desire to bring a unique world class, integrated, hands-on product design and business plan competition to students in Mumbai.

Practical skills, like public speaking, design thinking, cost analysis, innovation, competitive analysis, market messaging and brainstorming are included in this state-of-the-art curriculum. Geeta and Radhika are both currently working on preparations in India for our Aspire to Greatness program for November 14-18, 2012. 

The program will operate at Cathedral School in Mumbai, India. Students from schools throughout India are welcome to apply using the form found on this website,  to attend.

Students' brainstorming ideas during hands-on project

Radhika Bhatt, who is based in Mumbai, and is BizSmart Global Project Manager for Mumbai programs, is currently talking to stellar schools telling them about the opportunity to become a possible venue partner for our BizSmart Global November 14-18, 2012 Mumbai launch.

“Aspire to Greatness” will be conducted at the  premiere school campus location of  The Cathedral School and John Connon School in Mumbai,  over a five day period, during the dates of November 14-18, 2012.  Students from this school which is a venue for the program are receiving the information right now directly from their school administration.  Students who are 12-18 from all schools in India are also  invited to apply for this special program.  Fill out the on-line application form by clicking on the Application tab at the top of the page.  Apply early to reserve a spot as spaces are limited.

Student teams will compete to design a totally new and different solar powered light for d.light design, a Silicon Valley company founded by two graduates of the world renowned Stanford Design School.  The winning team will be invited to pitch their new product at a national venture funding event.  In addition, depending on age and qualifications, the top student, chosen by the BizSmart Global staff will receive an internship to work at, or a full scholarship to, an exclusive two week entrepreneurship camp held at Stanford University.

Schools and student interested in participating should contact us now: If you are a premiere school in Mumbai that serves students who are ages 12-18,  who would like your students to participate, or be considered as a venue for future programs, you don’t have to wait for us to contact you, you can contact us.  Send your desire to participate in the “Aspire to Greatness” workshop now by filling out a message form with your contact information on the contact us portion of this website.  You may also contact our BizSmart Global Mumbai Project Manager Radhika Bhatt by email: and our Director of Student Admissions and Program Logistics, Geeta Ajmera.

Dr. Michael Gibbs, CEO of BizSmart Global invites you to  find out more about how together we can give students a competitive edge in this fierce economy, visit us at   We look forward to partnering with you to bring this truly visionary world class education program to Mumbai. Watch for more information to come by checking back to read future blogs at:

Dr. Mike Gibbs, BizSmart Global CEO, Founder

BizSmart Global works with international companies based in the US and in India to provide real world business examples using hands-on business cases and industry experts. Companies interested in partnering with BizSmart Global should contact: Dr.Mike Gibbs, CEO, at, or Peggy Gibbs, COO, at  They look forward to talking with you!

Dr. Mike Gibbs and Peggy Gibbs

For additional information about other programs that BizSmart Global operates such as Innovate This! plus special topic seminars and events that will be posted for 2013 will be posted in the future on: